Untether by Sylvain Labs

A hands-on exploration of emerging culture and competitive intelligence through consumers’ eyes, thoughtfully curated and guided by a team of Sylvain Labs culture mavens.

What is this?

‘Untether Sessions’ take teams out of their seats and onto the streets to experience first hand the emerging places, products and experiences that will impact the future of their business and consumers. We leverage Sylvain Labs’ wide network of cultural natives to craft a series of highly curated, eye-opening experiences for you and your team. With a culturally attuned and personality-filled Sylvain Labs team of strategists as your guide, you’ll come away feeling refreshed, energized, and inspired.

Why is this important?

Far too many of us work in a bubble that limits our thinking – we all read the same content, trust the same experts, and share the same links. We’re all clamoring around the same ‘insight’. True inspiration stems from lateral thinking and deep understanding achieved only through visceral, first-hand experiences. We believe it’s only through getting a little uncomfortable and going beyond the beaten path that insights become action. Only then are new perspectives gained and new ideas unlocked.


When would you use it?

The following are examples of potential Untether Sessions, to be customized to the business and challenge at hand:


Culture Immersion

Go beyond fleeting trends and far-out predictions to connect with real manifestations of emerging culture and behavioral norms.


Consumer Perspective

Develop real empathy for your current or potential consumers by seeing the world through their eyes.


Competitive Intelligence

Explore competitors and kindred players that are breaking the mold and championing progress.



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