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As we come to the halfway point of 2016, a wild year of unpredictable politics, revolving Snapchat lenses, celebrities gone too soon and Lemonade, we thought it was as good a time as any to take stock of the things we’ve seen so far and share them with the world.

Emojis are for squares. If you really want to make an impact with your message in 2016, you gotta have a clutch GIF. We like to fancy ourselves masters of the GIF game, and any peek into our internal email chains will quickly prove us right. So, as we close out this mid-year retrospective, we leave you with some of our favorite examples of haphazardly animated nonsense.


Krystal Plomatos
B/C super charming reminder to be the pup as much as we are the cat!

Chia Schmitz
Here’s Cookie Monster, because he knows how to celebrate the good things in life.

Aaron Powers
Sad Dr. Who, primarily because I finally watched the episode this came from last week, after having never watched the show.

Martese Johnson
It was my most used gif by far this year, pertaining to many social situations as well as professional and academic scenarios. I have to say it accurately described my life 90% of the time this past year. 

Joey Camire
Arnold and Carl Weathers biceps just never get old. This gif makes me nostalgic for a time in cinema when you would create shots like this without irony. There is no irony in those biceps, it is 100% earnest, unadulterated pump.

Camille Drucker
Because animals with an attitude are the best.

Anna Bedineishvili
Every year for the rest of my life

Joanne Bolens
Because we’re just like penguins. 

Xahra Gilbert
Cuz Ramona just has such crazy eyes.

Debi Blizard
Tina (from Bob’s Burgers) and butts.

Stephan Hein
Ain’t nothing better than a Corgi just chillin’ the f*ck out.

Gretchen Devero
Because Broad City has a special place in my heart and there’s something to be said for #zerofucksgiven.

Alex Aloise
We’re talking away
I don’t know what
I’m to say I’ll say it anyway:
Royale with cheese.

Merideth Bogard
It looks like my cat, Kitty, and her nickname is Picklehead. It’s pretty much perfect.

Daniel Griffin
I’ve been trying to learn this one for about a week.

Kennedy Whittington-Cooper
My fav GIF of this year is the female lion jumping and hugging a man once being released from its cage. This GIF never fails to brighten my day because it is so CUTE!!

Jon Meyer
Presented without comment.

Ben Cheney
There is just so much joy for me in this gif. What goes around comes around.

Allison Solomson
It’s tough to know, but definitely one that Gretchen has put into an email. I think it’s between Ron Swanson’s American flag mustache and JGL’s face twitch when she was super confident about her white elephant gift. We should create a G’s GIFs section of the Alchemist.

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