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The Computer Ate My Taxes

For most of us, tax season imparts a special “wintry” mix of despair, frustration, and disillusionment.

The Real Real: The Five Ways Subcultures Self-Police Themselves Online

For as long as there have been groups there have been insiders fighting to protect the cultural values of their group, and outsiders trying to join, borrow, or steal what it is that makes those groups special.

How To Dress At CES

We’re back from CES 2015, and now that our retinas have recovered from the 1 bazillion super uber hi-def screens, we find ourselves reflecting on it all. Sure, we were wowed by the Toshiba Robot Hostess, inspired by Neil Young’s take on high-resolution music, and amused by the plethora of chargers that charge chargers for your charger. Yet in the midst of all this tech, what caught our eye was the sea of people and the unspoken code of behavior on the showroom floor.

People Become Cars

In a city without a driving culute, PEOPLE BECOME CARS.