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Our Soundtracks to 2016

From Blackstar to Coloring Bookwe fancy ourselves a pretty musical office. That being the case, rather than putting together a typical year-end retrospective, we’re sharing some of our personal soundtracks for the past twelve months.

How to 2017 Like a Creative Boss

This piece originally appeared on Little Black Book.

Aaron Powers, strategist at Sylvain Labs, shares his ‘SMART’ resolutions for the coming year.

The Not-So-Scientific Science of Spending

According to a professor in the finance department at Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business, our propensity to spend and save money is coded into our DNA. Much like athletic ability, we are pre-programmed to be good (or bad) with money. When faced with a spending choice, such as how much to spend on a glass of wine, there’s a specific gene that helps determine our decision. 

What Chance The Rapper Changed For Young, Black Chicago Men

He was damaged, like many of us, and had tapped into the sources of that damage just before the lyrics spewed eloquently from his mouth. The apparent pain and frustration that flowed between his words stood as proof that my assumption was correct. The content of Paranoia describes a lifestyle that Black men in Chicago are all too familiar with — and not by choice.

What if Google Ran for President?

What if we had another option in this election? A candidate without any of the typical east coast, Washington ties? A nominee programmed from birth with the kind of temperament and intellect necessary to lead? What if we could vote for someone whom the American people trusted? What if Google ran for President?


Emojis are for squares. If you really want to make an impact with your message in 2016, you gotta have a clutch GIF. We like to fancy ourselves masters of the GIF game, and any peek into our internal email chains will quickly prove us right. So, as we close out this mid-year retrospective, we leave you with some of our favorite examples of haphazardly animated nonsense.