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Perfect Strangers: Steven

He decided to actively make a change in his life, to become a calmer person, and to not let the pace of others dictate the way he goes about his own daily life.

Look Harder: Youth by Proxy

When it comes to fashion, what happens to color once we become adults? Vibrance is a sign of life and youth. But once we become adults, we seem more inclined to communicate our “youth deficit” by wearing stale and monotone colors. It’s not as though our love of vibrance and youth and color disappear. Clearly […]

Look Harder: Gluttonous Branding Inspires Blindness

Has McDonald’s become so a part of the American landscape that it has to resort to this onslaught of signs and awnings and flags just to get noticed?

Double Take: The Style Behind the Shakedown

The shakedown a la NYPD seems incredibly calculated. The intimidating stance, the intimidating fashion, the intimidating look in the eye. These are all deliberate style decisions that are not unlike the decisions found in the world of war espionage (or fashion shows).