A Sci-Fi Guide To Wearables

Science fiction is the first testing ground for the future of technology, the place where we explore what different advances could mean moving forward for the human condition.

A Driverless Future: Implications Of The Connected Car

With convincing proof points able to minimize consumers adoptions barriers, and a slew of innovations are bringing the driverless cars of tomorrow to life.

Retrospek: Proving Innovation Through Transparency

Sometimes the best way to explain a complicated proposition is not by explaining it, but by being transparent about its complexity.

Retrospek: Advertising is Public Education

When email emerged, imagine all the work that went into educating people about what it actually was. The ad didn’t promise “joy” or “empowerment”. Through a concise description of what it is, people were meant to take away how it would help them.

Retrospek: Impractical Technology

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Retrospek: Innovating technology doesn’t mean forgetting the past

Today, the line between technology and living is so blurred that you can innovate technology without actually playing with a motherboard or writing code. Retro artifacts mashed with modern trends has become a new way to design and imagine new products.