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Sylvain Labs is One Year Old

Thanks to family, friends, partners, clients, freelancers, and dogs.

Over the year we learned a lot. And, by the looks of it, things are okay. According to “What to Expect“, Sylvain Labs has met many of the key milestones at 12 months old. Note the bold.

As your baby faces the massive challenge of learning to walk, he finds comfort and release in playtime. If your one-year-old hasn’t yet mastered the art of walking, he may be clocking some serious miles anyway by hanging on to anything he can and propelling himself forward. (Don’t worry if your tot is doing neither of those — every child progresses at his own pace and some may not yet be pulling themselves up to stand.) In addition to cruising, he may be using his hands for some very important tasks, including holding his cup, picking up tiny objects, playing patty-cake, and waving bye-bye. He may also summon you with a loud and clear “Mama” when he needs something — even just a hug. Don’t be surprised if your little one protests (a lot!) when you leave the room these days. Separation Anxiety is very common at this age. And while some toddlers are the life of the party, others may seem suddenly shy, which is actually developmentally appropriate. Try not to worry about it or other typical behaviors of the one-year-old set, such as hitting, not sharing, serious attachment to his bottle (though the time to ditch it is imminent), and picky eating. All are normal and most likely temporary as your child’s growing sense of independence leads to some trying moments. Weaning from the breast may be high on your priority list or months down the road, but either way, it’s one milestone that’s best approached with patience and a plan.

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