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Superforecasting 2017

We did it! We made it out of 2016 and into the exciting wilderness of a brand new year. What does 2017 have in store for us? We’ve all got some ideas, hopes, fears, but really, who’s to say what’s coming around the corner over the course of the next 355+ days. All we can do is hope for the best, make the right choices to lead us in that direction, and see where we end up. But it’s still fun to guess, right?

So that’s exactly what we’re doing. The book, Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Predictionsuggests that accurate predictions are less about supercomputers and scientific methods, and more about compelling evidence from a variety of sources, probabilistic thinking, teamwork, and the ability to admit error and change course. With that in mind, rather than offering our predictions for the year ahead, here are some of our own Superforecasts for 2017.


Gazing into the musical crystal ball for 2017, I think we’ll hear a TON of really obnoxious, cover-your-ears-and-cry-out bubble gum sugar pop. Hear me out. If history’s any indicator, there’s generally a spike in socially-conscious chart-toppers when social tensions reach a peak (see: All Along the Watchtower, War: What is it Good For). But for every one of those, we get a spate of easy-to-consume, escapist ditties. It’s already begun with Shawn Mendes (…can’t hate, the kid’s got a set of pipes), so just get ready for the stars to start rising for the next generation of boy bands and girl pop singers.


2017 as the year of Showing Up. A rekindled, coastal curiosity about what our country’s interiors look like emerges. “Flyover states” become pull-over-and-stay a while states. Rust Belt meets Silicon Valley. Tourism dollars migrate from the coasts to the core. Sales of Amtrak tickets and regional ‘Bolt Bus’ equivalents on the up and up. Trains over planes to keep us grounded. People traveling to and from rallies, town councils, and protests. City folk migrating back to their hometowns for long weekends. It won’t be peaceful and copacetic. But an effort to see how we’re alike instead of how we’re different will be out in the open.


Beginning in 2017 Netflix viewers will have an option to watch their favorite shows in 1.5 speed. Allowing us to binge watch all our favorite series and still have time left over to paint along with a Bob Ross episode or two


Faith 2.0 – Part 1: Two phenomena from 2016 carry over into the new year, Technology regularly upends everyday life causing a pervasive sense of uncertainty about the future. -Placebos trend hard, as science confirms that everything is all in our heads. Part 2: In response, young culture begins to embrace a new secular spirituality that marries the hippie aesthetic of the Boomer generation, the values of contemporary social progressivism, and enterprising ethos of solution-driven startup culture. What we’ll call Faith 2.0 remains to be seen, but it’s already beginning to happen.


People that know me well know that I’m a pants hater and dress lover. So, in 2017, I predict that men will continue to reject the traditional tropes or masculinity and get on the skirt bandwagon.Get ready for the man skirt (“mirt”) to become a thing in 2017.


Disney is on a live-action high right now, taking all of their old, animated properties and remaking them with real casts and really intriguing director choices (David Lowery from ‘Ain’t Them Bodies Saints’ for ‘Pete’s Dragon’? Tim Burton for f’n ‘Dumbo’??) In 2017, the House of Mouse will announce Lars Von Trier for a live-action reimagining of The Aristocats, while Alejandro Iñárritu will follow-up ‘The Revenant’ with a new version of ‘The Rescuers Down Under,’ BONUS POINTS: It will be shot in one take and feature a cast made up entirely of those lab rats with the human ears on their back.


2017 will be the year people begin social media ‘dieting’ — curating and limiting who and what they take in.


While I am far from a fashionista and wouldn’t deem myself privy to the latest fashion trends, I do have a hunch of what’s coming next (and ladies, you are not ready for it…). I predict that in the summer of 2017, male crop tops will come back into style. That’s right, I said it. This niche 80’s fashion piece was iconic, seen in films like Nightmare On Elm Street and Rocky III, and on stars like Will Smith (in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air) and rapper Kid Cudi. Let’s set those belly buttons free in 2017, boys.


With the election of Donald Trump, the increasing power of right-wing populist forces around the world, the state of our planet/climate, and ever looming threat of terrorism, it’s easy to be pessimistic about 2017. And I am. However, since I’m usually wrong in my predictions and in the spirit of positivity, I’m going the other way. I think 2017 will see the reorganization and rise of inclusive, empathetic, progressive movements that have appeared dormant or ineffective. I hope that 2017 will be looked back on as the year that sparked a long-term period of true social progress. I will most likely be wrong.


Here are three: In the battle for Supergrain King (currently Quinoa): Freekeh catches up to Farro, and both gain on Quinoa…We’ll see a wave of new products to prevent/combat our tech-related injuries, including (but not limited to) tech-neck, texting thumb, CVS (computer vision syndrome), and back pains…Nick Viall finally finds love.


People will transition from hacking their bodies to hacking their brains. Two companies have already started: Nootrobox aims to create something safer that’s as effective as the shady drugs bought overseas to boost concentration and productivity. The GOOP-approved Moon Juice sells Moon Dusts like Power, Dream and Sex: “sachets of adaptogenic superherbs that nourish one’s biochemistry…” We’re seeing accessible “medicine” that includes unique ingredients and speaks to our desires rather than our symptoms. Maybe this is the 2017 version of Yogi tea, or maybe, legalizing marijuana and eating entertainment, it’s a step toward making the word “drug” less taboo.


Apple products are allowing consumers the chance to explore creativity beyond the everyday uses of technology. i.e. iPhone 7 include a 12mp camera with optical image stabilization, an f/1.8 aperture and a 6 element lens. This is the first cellular device giving users the ability to create quality visuals (music videos, films and promotional ads) where budgets aren’t needed. I’m predicting in 2017, we will see our first Hollywood box office film shot on an iPhone.


In 2017, you’ll be one stab away from a better brain thanks to knowledge injections. Whether you’re interested in basic (a map of New York) or more complex packages (how to be married and happy), these tiny needles will quench your thirst for knowledge in the fastest and most effective way. *Slow acting, painless options of pills and creams will be available for wimps.


In 2017, I predict the following (3) things: 1. One major US Company will adopt France’s recent employee’s “Right to disconnect” law. 2. Roger Federer will win his final career Grand Slam in 2017 (Wimbledon); Wawrinka will win both the US Open and Roland Garros; Novak Djokovic will win the Australian Open and Andy Murray will be relegated to 2nd fiddle for 3 of the 4 Slams. 3. Butler will be seeded 3rd and win the NCAA Basketball Tournament.


The next wave of urban corporate culture perks leans on time spent away from the desk and the inbox…Boardgames, and other forms of offline entertainment, start to play a deliberate role in teaching us to navigate non-verbal social cues (e.g. how to interpret body language)…The digital access vs. security tradeoff will finally reach a tipping point. Free Wi-Fi in airports will no longer be enough of a convenience for travelers to put their data and devices at risk; we will see a significant drop in ‘birthday+pet name’ type password combos.


There will be a sushi ban as we witness the depletion of wild fish around the world…Going grey was a trend. Going bald will be the hottest do of 2017…A hipster haggis restaurant will open up in Brooklyn…A Donald Trump sex tape will be released and Melania will leave him…Paying $9 for a cappuccino will become the new norm…People will start paying lots of money to swap lives with a stranger for 1 month…Stephen King & David Lynch collaborate on a new HBO series that is super weird. Phillip Glass composes the music.


I predict that some lady from Indiana’s picture of her family’s elaborate gingerbread house will go viral on Facebook, sparking a nationwide craze over handmade gingerbread houses. Men, women, and children will all go bonkers over building the most elaborate gingerbread houses/mansions/high-rise luxury condos. Pinterest will crash from all the gingerbread pins. People will challenge their friends to winner-take-all gingerbread house building competitions. Gwyneth Paltrow will make the best gingerbread house. A shortage of ginger will ensue that will force the gingerbread company to find alternative sources of ginger. They will develop a compound that tastes (and bakes!) just like ginger, but also provides intense focus and energy. In addition to building the biggest, baddest gingerbread houses, people start eating insane amounts of gingerbread products. By mid-June, 74% of Americans are addicted to ginger. In October, a third-party food research company discovers that the new form of ginger is actually ginjax, a close cousin of cocaine. Now everyone is addicted to cocaine. Thanks lady from Indiana.

Whether or not any of these predictions come true within the next year, one thing is for certain: We will all most definitely have a 2017.

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