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Insight Framing

We unearth sharp, surprising insights and develop provocative new lenses for understanding challenges and discovering opportunities.

Whitespace Cartography
Consumer Journeys
Consumer Segmentation

Innovation Strategy

We envision paths to the development and growth of new products or services by building principles and platforms that resolve human needs, harness cultural movements and leverage company assets.

Innovation Platforms
Pipeline Strategy
Portfolio Strategy

Brand Strategy

We articulate the values, beliefs and behaviors that guide a company and give its products a unique role to play in the lives of its audience and within culture at large.

Brand Purpose
Brand Positioning
Brand Architecture

Corporate Strategy

We give companies a vision and plan to achieve sustainable financial growth through operational alignment and competitive advantage.

Strategic Growth Planning
Organizational Strategy
M&A Strategy


We invent ideas for new products, services, content, names and activations, all spawned from smart innovation, brand or corporate strategy.

Spark Cards
Idea Arsenals


We crystalize ideas into actionable concepts that are sharpened to reflect consumer desires and executional realities and are ready to be brought to market.

Research-Ready Idea Statements
Innovation Concepts
Product Blueprints


We build frameworks and tools that demonstrate how a company will generate value through key financial and operational relationships.

Business Models
Financial Models
Operating Models


Innovation Across Borders

Scientifically Speaking Your shoes are on time.

Scientifically Speaking, Your Shoes Are Untied

First-World Paint Problems