Communication Arts

Communication Arts interviewed Alain and Sylvain Labs’ Katie Sadow and Cole Nielsen about capturing the ambition of women in and beyond basketball through the reimagined WNBA.

Eye Magazine

Eye Magazine featured our rebrand work with the WNBA, with a specific focus on the logowoman and bespoke typeface.


Alain is interviewed by OnBrand’s Nicolas Deskos in the run-up to his talk at this year’s event on October 10, 2019.

Inside Outside Podcast

Alain is interviewed about the creation of new ideas for real business and consumer needs.


What does innovation even mean anymore? Alain explores the fetishized concept on 99U, following his Master Class at the 99U Conference on May 10th.

SB Nation

In this article about a turning point for the WNBA, Alain comments on its partnership with Sylvain Labs and why it’s time for fans to unapologetically embrace what the WNBA is – and what it stands for.