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Google Android

The ask

How can Google Android move from America’s overlooked operating system to its most celebrated tech brand?

The reality

While people used Android products (to the tune of 52% US mobile phone market share), everyday people weren’t clear on what the Android brand stood for, which meant they couldn’t be loud and proud Android fans. Android needed a way to unite their massive audience and rally them around a single idea that made them fiercely proud to stand apart from Apple’s iCult.

The work

We already knew what made Android’s massive audience different, but the missing piece was unlocking the way in which they were alike. Through a series of in-depth quant and qual research, including our proprietary ‘Iceberg Study’, over 75 man-on-the-street interviews, focus groups, and social sentiment scraping, we uncovered 5 key audience insights that both united and emboldened the Android audience, and drove holes in the narrative of Apple as the be-all and end-all of mobile tech. Armed with these insights, Google Creative Lab launched the $400MM “Be Together. Not The Same” global brand campaign in the fall of 2014, giving the formerly ‘overlooked operating system’ a rally cry that made people pumped to stand with Android.

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