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GM Connected Car

The ask

How can we deconstruct a driver’s journey to better understand and solve their needs?

The reality

While the cars of today are more technologically connected and advanced than ever before, they are simultaneously not meeting drivers’ expectations of what technology can deliver. But with technology cycles speeding up, and delivering on new and ever more complex needs, technology has the opportunity to deliver an experience for drivers that extends beyond just transportation.

The work

We conducted in-depth ethnographic research with drivers across the globe—United States, China, and Europe—both in-homes and in-vehicles. We explored their behaviors, their relationship with technology, and the intersection of the two to cut to the core of what drivers really need. With a solid foundation of several hundred provable needs, we built a platform to organize needs on both a regional and global scale. We then developed over one hundred product concepts to satisfy these needs, and helped identify the technology necessary to bring them to life.

Innovation Across Borders

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