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Developing a beer designed for the Inbetween

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Bud Light was feeling pressure from spirits and premium imports during energetic nights out with friends. Twenty-somethings out looking for a good time were in search of a drink with more punch and prestige than the easy-drinking of Bud Light. How can we make the number one beer in America more “number one-ier” in the on-premise nighttime occasion?


We dug into the target consumer, the Bud Light faithful, to understand where the brand was falling short in the energetic night out occasion. We dissected twenty-somethings through a thorough social media audit and it became crystal clear that they are Inbetween—stuck between adolescence and adulthood. This state of limbo left them feeling lost, unsure of who they are and where they want to be. They are actively seeking balance and, while Bud Light provided youthful energy, it was void of the savviness of adulthood. They were in need of a brand and product experience that played to their adult aspirations without sacrificing their youthful sensibility.


Through this insight we developed brand and product concepts that struck the balance between adolescence and adulthood. In the end, the concept for Bud Light Platinum, a premium, higher alcohol version of Bud Light, gave twenty-somethings the liberation they craved without feeling immature.


Working with the Bud Light innovation and brand teams, we collaborated on the development of the entire product experience—the liquid, packaging, name, and launch communications. The result was one of the most successful beer launches of all time, and a slew of me-too products, including Miller Fortune

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