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Book by Cadillac

The ask

How can Cadillac raise the bar for luxury vehicle ownership?

The reality

With its “Dare Greatly” campaign, Cadillac introduced an updated brand identity, a new point of view, and a new promise regarding its role in the luxury automotive category. But with mobility disruption occurring from all sides and the viability of the car ownership model in question, Cadillac needed to prove its promise beyond its vehicles alone.

The brand’s solution was an early-stage alternative ownership concept called Book. But the brand needed to determine how Book could truly move the needle – and how each aspect of the experience would live up to the concept’s promise.

The work

Cadillac partnered with Sylvain Labs to analyze and optimize all aspects of Book during its pilot phase, covering everything from the ideal fleet mix and pricing of the program, down to the ideal membership experience. We gathered an arsenal of insights from a select group of business and lifestyle entrepreneurs through in-depth co-creation sessions and online qualitative research. We then turned those ideas into actionable tactics through cross-functional internal workshops, and finished with a finely tuned program that Cadillac launched in January 2017.

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