Monocle Radio – The Entrepreneurs

Alain was interviewed on The Entrepreneurs Podcast about how brands and business can navigate in a crisis.

Humble Branding is Project Management

Chris is featured on insight platform Alpha’s podcast about the make up of a Humble Brand.


Joey writes for Quartz about the beauty of constraints and rule-breaking for creativity in quarantine.


Alain writes for Quartz about how pop culture fandom is a lot like being in a cult.

Fast Company

Alain is announced as a member of the jury for this year’s Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards.


In the run-up to the 99U Conference, Alain is interviewed about how he creates and maintains creativity and purpose in his work.

FutureProof Podcast

Alain is featured on the FutureProof podcast: How do brands find their purpose? What role do consumers play? And how can we predict what comes next?

C2 Montreal

Alain is formally announced as a speaker at this year’s C2 Montreal alongside names like Margaret Atwood, Mark Cuban, Jack Dorsey, Gary Vaynerchuk and many more.


In his latest contribution for Quartz, Alain asks: Is our misguided affair with agility putting speed ahead of good work?

On Second Thought with Trevor Noah

Alain is interviewed by Trevor Noah and David Kibuuka about social media’s obsession with ‘cancel culture’ and what it means for brands, celebrities and the rest of us.