First-World Paint Problems

At its best, innovation is about solving people’s real problems. And, sometimes, the best way to solve people’s problems is to truly empathize and experience the struggle first-hand. Over the past few weeks, I’ve experienced my fair share of painter’s plight as I took on the ambitious job of painting six rooms in my house. As I sanded, stretched, sweated, climbed and cursed my way through the painting process, I was struck with a few, simple ideas that could have made my life a whole lot easier. 

The True Meaning Of Halloween

With October 31st just around the corner, the Halloween spirit is out in full force. Jack-o-lanterns litter our Instagram feeds. Candy corn fills our stomachs. Hocus Pocus beams from our screens. But, as the Halloween fury takes over, it’s important for us all to take time to reflect on the true meaning of the holiday, a powerful sentiment that’s often overlooked. 

The Fate of Curiosity

Thousands of years after the dawn of mankind, technology has finally caught up with humans’ endless curiosity. But, the question remains — will this unparalleled access to information lead to a new Golden Age for curiosity?