Look Harder: Is Fandom Fleeting?

As I sat in a bar in SoHo on 6/26, I really didn’t give a damn about the ratings or popularity of the game, all I could think about was the aching in my chest.

Look Harder: It’s Out Of Our Hands

There aren’t many things in the world that leave so many people so powerless as the World Cup.

Double Take: Creatures Of Habit

Most of us, no matter how spontaneous and crazy we’d like to think ourselves, are creatures of habit. But sometimes, maybe, we take them too far.

Musings on Music: There’s No “I” In Band

What would music look like if it lost, what some consider, one of it’s core elements, collaboration?

Musings on Music: Cornering The Market On Dreams

The one thing that has pervaded the collective psyche for centuries is the idea of “The American Dream.”

Look Harder: Runway Ready Dog

He wasn’t just wearing a coat. No, He was wearing a fully body suit, a hat and a matching bubble jacket. Yes, matching.

Look Harder: Youth by Proxy

When it comes to fashion, what happens to color once we become adults? Vibrance is a sign of life and youth. But once we become adults, we seem more inclined to communicate our “youth deficit” by wearing stale and monotone colors. It’s not as though our love of vibrance and youth and color disappear. Clearly […]