Cell Phones As Human Rights?

This past weekend, while walking down the street near Union Square, I saw two homeless gentlemen. What was terribly interesting was that both of the men I saw were completely absorbed with their cell phones.

The Great American Royal Wedding (Of The Future)

This is what an American analog of the Royal Wedding might look like 200 years down the line.

Do Brands Have Birthdays?

If becoming more human, as a brand, brings with it the social conventions of day-to-day human interactions, what does that mean for business?

Carnival Of The Future: Sylvain Labs Reviews CES

CES is about companies offering a simple promise for a better tomorrow with the help of technology.

The Living Dead: The Life And Death Of An Identity

(The post was inspired by and appears after this poem written by Liu Xiaobo, the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate)

Halloween: The Great Culture Pulse

Halloween is the great culture thermometer. The litmus test of, in the grand scheme of things, what matters and what doesn’t.

Some Things Stay The Same

This could just have easily be written today, but it wasn’t. It was written over two millenia ago. It just goes to show that, while the context has shifted, the same ideas plague us now as they did during the ancient Roman Empire.

Hairy Babies: Puppies Now, Children Later.

If you’ve been awake at all in the past 24 months, you will be aware that the economy is going through a “phase”.  It’s great to think about policy and data analytics, it’s important, but there are also real cultural implications of said “phase” as well. One of these implications is that the prospect of […]

Am I A Hipster?

Am I a Hipster? This was never anything I considered prior to moving to New York. I was a guy— that’s an easy one. I was educated— or at least I went to school. I was young— my lack of facial hair makes this exceedingly apparent. However, since moving to New York it seems I’ve been lumped into a group, one that doesn’t seem to carry any positive benefit, the Hipsters.

Perfect Strangers: I Think We’re Alone Now.

I know we were complete strangers, and I know I was completely irrelevant, but these were VERY juicy details. Harlequin love novel details. Make sailors blush type of details.