The Dots: Gravity and the Fabric of Influence

We wrote a book! The Dots is our examination of influence in the modern age. Through humor, a series of analogies to physics, a litany of pop culture references, and an algorithm to harness the power of influential people, it helps readers develop an actionable approach to influence. Plus, it has pictures! We really want you to read the whole thing, but to get you started, here’s a free chapter.

On Tolerance: Why Tolerance is a Winning Strategy

Beyond any sense of nationalism, ethnicity, social or cultural identity, tolerance can be pointed to as the key to the existence of Culture itself — that’s Culture with a capital “c.”

A Sci-Fi Guide To Wearables

Science fiction is the first testing ground for the future of technology, the place where we explore what different advances could mean moving forward for the human condition.

Morality 2.0

This past weekend in Brooklyn there was a biker block party— fuel-injected, not pedal-driven. Aside from the roaring exhaust pipes, the one thing that was impossible to ignore was the quality of the gathering. The signs might have said “block party,” but to me it looked like something else entirely— it looked like church. 

Climate Changing The Way We Dress

With the growing specter of global climate change looming larger each 50 degree January day, how is climate change going to affect our professional dress codes?

The Morning After: Preparing For An Election Hangover

This is the crash, you know it better as a hangover. But this reaction isn’t relegated to drugs, our entire culture is being dosed a narcotic— The Election.

Feminism For The Bros

In the news recently you may have heard about one young girl’s battle against photoshopping that took the form of an online petition to Seventeen Magazine. However, with all of the coverage in all of the news outlets around the web, television, radio and so forth, everyone forgot to cover the other group that will also benefit from this win for women— the next generation of young men.

You Are (Relatively) Special

The truth is, no one is THAT special on a global scale. But when you look at the world that you exist in, your day-to-day, the picture changes.

Hurricanes and Heroes: On Anticipating Extreme Weather

People all deal with the anticipation of extreme weather and all of its potentialities differently.

Google+ and The Dog Park: The Mores of Social Networks

What do new dog parks and new social networks have in common? An unspoken set of rules you need to learn in order not to offend.